Calling All Dolls' Hospital
Doll Restoration and Repair

Renee has been repairing and restoring dolls for many years.  She started this self-taught skill at a time in her life when she was unable to afford new dolls.  Since this time she broadened these skills, specializing in composition restoration. 

Doll repairs:
    *  Doll cleaning
    *  Redressing dolls 
    *  Restring dolls
    *  Limb replacement
    *  Repair cloth bodies
    *  Rebuild and reset eye rockers
    *  Replacement wigs
    *  Composition restoration
    *  Repair broken and missing fingers

Teddy Bear and stuffed animal repair

American Girl repairs:
    *  Tightening of arms and legs
    *  Replacement of arms and legs
    *  Ear Piercing
    *  Hair styling

1930s mama doll total head restoration
Restoration of Grandma's Dolls
A gift for her and her twin sister.
Found Grandma's twin sister dolls in the attic. 
After sleeping with her every night .. it's time to get fixed. 
Vintage Willie Talk doll.  An older brother brought it in for repair as it was damaged long ago, possibly by him.  He gifted it to his younger brother.