Calling All Dolls' Hospital
Doll Restoration and Repair

Renee has been repairing and restoring dolls for many years.  She started this self-taught skill at a time in her life when she was unable to afford new dolls.  Since this time, she broadened these skills to include the following:

Doll repairs:
   *  Doll cleaning
   *  Redressing dolls
   *  Restring dolls
   *  Limb replacement
   *  Repair cloth bodies
   *  Rebuild and reset eye rockers
   *  Replacement wigs
   *  Composition restoration
   *  Repair broken and missing fingers

Teddy Bear and stuffed animal repair

American Girl repairs:
   *  Tightening of arms and legs
   *  Replacement of arms and legs
   *  Ear Piercing
   *  Hair styling
50s hard plastic head, before.